The Rules and Regulations of the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park!

Growing economic activities with a direct and indirect impact on the National Park, pose increasing challenges to the protection of the eco-system through available legal tools in nature conservation and the environment. The manual in the application of the Conservation Law, published in December 2014, is one of the main dissemination tools and a guide for the implementation of Law 16/2004, of June 16, ("Conservation Law"), aiming to, support nature conservation activities and encourage investments in the tourism industry through training in conservation issues and the dissemination of relevant legal tools.
Among several laws applicable to BANP, the following stand out: Decree 27/2003 of 17 June, approving the rates and fees tables to be charged in national parks and the Ministerial Diploma 204/2012 of 5 September, which updates the Fees to be charged in National Parks and Reserves, approved by the decree 27/2003 of 17 June. Read More

Entrance fees and prices of activities in National Parks and Reserves in Mozambique.
Table for the zoning of different area of conservation and their respective restrictions and penalties.