The Projects of the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park!

ANAC Project

The development objective of the Conservation Areas for Biodiversity and Development Project for Mozambique-MozBio, is to increase the effective management of the conservation areas and enhance the living conditions of communities in and around the conservation areas. The project comprises of five components. The first component, strengthening institutions for conservation area management will improve the capacity of national administration of conservation areas or administracao nacional de areas de conservacao (ANAC), foundation for...Read More

WWF Project

A WWF project in Barzaruto helps local communities benefit from and contribute to the conservation of their coastal and marine biodiversity in the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park. This can be done by ensuring that communities receive a share of tourism revenues from the park, which should serve as an incentive for them to develop and implement sustainable approaches to natural resource management, and thus contribute to the conservation objectives of the park...Read More

EWT Project

The Endangered Wildlife Trust has been supporting the park since 2011, being the main objective the conservation of the Dugongs. In addition to the main objective, EWT also supports the park in strengthening law enforcement capacity through the professional training and short courses for BANP staff, 200 hours of flights to survey the national park, in partnership with MMF, acquisition and allocation of means and equipment, as 6 pairs of binoculars, 7 fixed and 8 portables communication radios, 2 boats for marine patrols and their respective fuels, lubricants and maintenance, 6 camping beds and two water purifiers for tax inspectors and purchase of notebooks for payment of entrance fees...Read More

MMF Project

The Marine Megafauna Foundation is a non-governmental organization with the objective of protecting endangered species inside the park, namely Manta Ray, Dugongs, Whale shark, Zambezi shark, Dolphins and Sea Turtles. They also support the BANP in qualifying the rangers to become skipper, diving and snorkeling and 200 hours of flights to survey the national park, in partnership with EWT...Read More

MozBio Projects

The Mozbio project has being designed to enhance the economic benefits from tourism and other development activities to the communities in and around targeted conservation areas, and to be the main instrument to implement the 2009 Conservation Policy and recently approved Conservation Areas Law.
Sustainability Fishing:
Production of Ice
A shop for fishing equipment
Fish Culture
...Read More

SIM a non-governmental international non-profit organization

Based in Sitone, on the Bazaruto Island, Its main objective is the realization of multidisciplinary projects to support the development of Mozambique, especially in the Northern Zone of Bazaruto Island and Inhassoro, in the areas of Education, Health and Environment:
Scholarships to students Sitone's EP1 and EP2
Food products to the Sitone population
Clothing and school supplies to students Sitone's EP1 and EP2
Medical assistance to the Sitone population. ...Read More


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