The Partner of the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park!

The BANP Strategic Partners:

MozBio – The main partner in the development of conservation activities; the implementation of the Conservation Policy, Laws; Tourism and community development.

EWT – Partner in the conservation of the Dugongs, support in strengthening law enforcement capacity through the professional training and short courses for BANP staff and 2 boats.

WWF – Partner in local communities benefit and the conservation of coastal and marine biodiversity, natural resource management and the conservation objectives of the park Offices, boats, cars, human resources and Quad bikes.

MMF – partner in protecting endangered species inside the park and support in qualifying the rangers to become skipper, diving and snorkeling and 200 hours of flights to survey the national park.

SIM – Partner in the realization of multidisciplinary projects to support the development of communities in the areas of Education, Health and Environment and food products to the Sitone population.


ANAC (National Administration of Conservation Areas) - Is the government institution, subordinated to the Ministry of Land Environment and Rural Development,that ensures the management of conservation areas in Mozambique.

DPTADR (Inhambane Provincial Directorate of Land Environment and Rural Development) - Is the government institution in which the park is subordinated in the Inhambane province level.

DPCULTURI (Inhambane Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism) - Is the government institution, subordinated to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism that collaborate with the park in tourism activities.

DPMAP (Inhambane Provincial Directorate of the Inland Sea and Fisheries) - Is the government institution responsible for the Inland Sea and fisheries in Inhambane province level.

INATUR (National Tourism Institute) - Is the national organization responsible for marketing and the destination promotion.

Tour Operators - The main BANP partners are the tour operators located in site the park and some touristic services providers from the mainland.

Maritime Administration - Government institution responsible for maritime safety and security.

PRM (Mozambique Republic Policy) - Institution responsible for public safety and tranquility, with different police units, such as the lacustrine police.

IIP (Fisheries Research Institute) - Is the government institution responsible for the investigation of marine species.

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